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CO2 and anabantoids

On 26 Oct 99 at 3:48, Aquatic Plants Digest wrote:

> the notion that co2 escapes from the water and then "loads" the air 
> above for a significant period of time is silly. if that were the case,
> then by the law of partial pressures, recently elucidated on this list,
> part of it would dissolve back into the water and the tank co2 level
> would be higher than ambient room air.
> dinyar
Why would this be silly. If there is a continuous supply of CO2, it 
may accumulate above the water surface even if part of it dissolves 
back into the water. The worrying thing is that CO2 is heavier than 
regular air. Hence, with a tightly fitting cover, there may be an 
oxygen-free, CO2 loaded layer above the water surface. If the cover 
does not fit tightly, this problem is less likely to arise because of 
air circulation. 

Again, this may potentially cause problems only for anabantoids, 
because they breeth atmospheric air rather than oxygen dissolved in 
the water.