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Increasing RO production.


I just recieved this method on increasing RO water production from one of
my marine aquarium lists:

'I came across a neat strategy for increasing the output of RO units, and I
thought I'd pass it on. Tell me if you've heard this one before. Take a 5
gallon bucket, fill it with warm water (or toss in a heater), and run about
50 feet of high pressure turbing from the spigot to the RO unit - coil the
50 ft. length into the bucket of warm water. Voila - a heat exchanger.
Around here where the water is about 45 degrees at 80 psi, this trick
tripled my output...'

I guess this makes sense since most gpd rate on ro units are dependent on
water tempurature, water pressure & the amount of solids in the water.
SpectraPure rates their units using the following parameters 77 degree
water, 60 psi and 500 TDS.  So I guess if you change any of these (temp &
pressure up and tds down) water production will increase.  Just thought I'd

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net