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Newbie Help... tanks,filters, lights.

Forgive me.  I am trying to sort through all of the
(mis)information that aquarium stores are telling me. 
I am in the market to buy a tank that is going to be
used for a community tank.  The goal is to have a tank
of about 29 gallons to 37 (tall variety 30"x12"). 
Originally I was going to get the nicely integrated
eclipse 3 but my concern (especially with the 37 tall)
is how much light is being put out by the 18w (?)
bulbs.  I also have a concern about the types of bulbs
that are used in that hood.  So... onto the questions:

1. Any thoughts on the Eclipse 3 system with plants? 
What can I get away with when considering levels of
light that plants need (e.g. can I only get low light
level plants?)

If going with standard tank top and filters:

1. On the 30" hoods, which lights should I get to give
me the maximum flexibility as far as plants go for a

2. Someone was telling me that I have to watch how
much flow I fed back to the tank.  He recommended I
stay away from my trusty Emporer 400 (loved that thing
for cichlids) and go with an Ehiem 2213 (somehow I
think this is too expensive for 120 gallon flow rate).
 What flow rate should I be looking at for the tank
and any suggestions for filters would be greatly




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