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Anubias barteri var. electric white

I have a an Anubias barteri that was sold as an variegated/snowking type.
I have other's (nana for instance) that have the variegation still but this
plant puts out only pure white leaves with only very small amount of green
veins. The leaves are basically pure white.
Variegation has been considered a trait of viral origins in some folk's
thoughts and theories.
Anyone care to postulate this plant's coloration pattern? It came in looking
like a typical variegated plant but after staying submersed for a year or
two it now only puts out white leaves. A beautiful plant. It's not a N
deficientcy ( last time I checked they were 75ppm!) or other like problem.
The tank is in great health. The tank has high light levels, almost 6
watts/gallon but this color occurred in 2 watts/gallon also. Never seen any
aquatic plant like it. I'll post a pic of it later if I find a digital
Tom Barr