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Re: Surface Extractors / Duckweed Biofilter!? Forget it!

>Hi list
>	There has been a thread about surface extractors  going on 
>for a couple of days and I wanted to point to my site for anyone 
>interested in building one of these units. The one I made is very 
>easy and although I didn't know it at the time is based on the one 
>that is described above. I must say that I didn't even know that the 
>item described above even existed and this thing I made was created 
>from my imagination. I created a page with directions and pics at 
>http://www.vaxxine.com/martinhouse . There are only 3 things that are 
>necessary to make this Fiddleless Surface Skimmer. A gravel vacuum, a 
>piece of 1.5" pipe and a piece of styrofoam. That's it. Mine has been 
>going for 2 months now and other than cleaning out the loose algae 
>that gets trapped it is truly fiddleless. Any comments are 
>Wayne Martin
>wamart at vaxxine_com


	I too would like to add my idea to the ongoing thread. I like your water
level self adjuster idea in your extractor.  Its a feature mine does not
have but that I'd like to add if I could adapt the stucture you use.
http://www.mindspring.com/~boukmn/Easy.jpg  However, I want to keep CO2
retention, wet-dry capability & the ability to remove heavy detrius because
of duckweed. With my filter I never have to worry about reinfestation.

This is truely a vile weed that came in on a traded plant a year ago that
is impossible to get rid off if even the slightest bit is missed.  I
finally got rid of it when I retro fitted my tanks with my "easy" filter.
I caution anyone using duckweed as a biofilter.  Yes, it is a most
effective NO3 extractor but it will cover the surface in no time, even if
the original intention was to keep it separate from the aquarium...a BIT is
all it takes.

BTW, if anyone wants duckweed I have one last ten gal w/o the "easy"
retrofit that has the surface covered w/ duckweed. I'll send it all to you