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Re: Fresh water reef

Hi Roger,

> My tanks were arranged vertically, main tank on top, filter tank on
> bottom.  I dropped a line from the main tank to the filter and siphoned
> down to the filter through a float valve.
I've 3 shelves of small 35-litre tanks and what you mentioned sounds
applicable to me.  Could you elaborate how the siphon works with the
float valve (without creating a full siphon).

> sump beside the tank.  I pumped water up from the sump to the main tank
> using a small "minijet" pump.  A valve on the line from the pump to the
> main tank regulated the flow rate.  I kept the flow at a trickle.
During brownouts, wouldn't the return line become a back-siphon?...
unless there's a check-valve in place and how do you regulate the
flow?... with a ball-valve of some sort?
> For rapid nutrient consumption and minimal size requirements
> it's hard to beat duckweed.
Please elaborate more on 'rapid nutrient consumption' with duckweed,
does it absorb more of specific nutrients like Nitrate and Phosphate, or
a bit of everything?  Presently, I'm using duckweed, Azolla,
water-lettuce and water-hyacinth to remove possible nutrient excess in
the water column.