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Re:surface extractor

I have a surface extractor and it works ok. I usually don't keep it open
all the time. It clears the scum from my 90gal tank within 15min, after
opening it. The water level does need to be just right for it to work
correctly(that means hi water level, not like some of you keeping a half
foot of air between the top of the tank and the water level<LOL>). As for
fish getting inside, it happened a few times but that is a reason to keep
it closed. Also when running continually a column of bubbles would form,
like in a protein skimmer, and I wasn't sure if that added to CO2 loss.
Over all I would say it is not needed but it is cool to go from a filmy
greasy surface to a crystal clear surface. Just some of the small thrills
of the hobby <g>

Larry Jones