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Re:surface extractor

I use a Wasseroberflachenabzug or Taunus (it's German and I think that that 
is the name!!!! ) surface extractor that is self adjusting to cope with 
varying water levels.  It gurgles,  but I have never had a fish sucked 
thru.  It has a sliding two piece tube design and the top tube has a grate 
and a ring to trap air to keep it floating.  As the level drops, the top 
tube just slides further into the bottom tube.  Has about 4" of travel and 
that should take care of varying water levels between water changes/top 
ups.  Blue and white box, but cost 2 right arms and half a  leg!


At 03:48 AM 10/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
> >From: taylorjc2 at juno_com
> >Subject: Ehiem surface extractor
> >
> >Is anyone using the ehiem surface extractor?  Is it noisy.  Does it
> >adequately skim the whole surface of the water?  Will it suck up fish?
>I'm using one, but only for lack of a better alternative.  It is noisy at
>times (a clanking sound) when the water level is not just right, or there
>is obstruction to the flow.  It skims the whole surface, but only for a day
>or so, then leaves and other floating bits of plants would plug it up. I
>have to clean out the intake tubes every couple of days.
>Ivo was working on an alternative a while ago.  How is it going Ivo?

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