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swamp darters...why not try a rainbow in your planted tank

The trick to any darter is to get them to eat something other than live
food.  I would recommend trying Rainbow Darters as these are the easiest
ones I have ever had to train to take fd ocean plankton.  They struggle
to the   surface to feed and eventually eat a lot of different foods.  I
keep them in planted aquaria and they do fine. I don't know about the
swamp darter, but rainbow darters are sure a lot better looking.  I have
kept my rainbow darters as warm as 82 degrees Fahrenheit so they should
do well im tropical tanks kept in the seventies.  I now have three
aquaria with rainbow darters that are planted, they do fine.
-> Has anyone kept swamp darters (Etheostoma fusiforme) in a planted tank?

-> Thanks,
-> Rebecca...
-> Bryan, Texas