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slow plant growth

A few months ago, I moved my twenty gallon planted fish tank to the
basement.  I didn't have time to fuss with getting the DIY CO2 set up
again so I left it until about a month ago.
  When I added the CO2 this time, I also doubled the light (from 40W to
86W flourescent/compact fluorescent), thinking that I'd have fun
trimming all my plants every week.  Well, they aren't growing.  I
figured for sure the stem plants (i.e. Hygro.) would grow like mad, but
  I haven't changed anything but the light, and I do water changes every
week, instead of every other.  I dose with Flourish and Flourish Iron
with water changes, and the substrate is Fluorite with about an inch of
sand on top.

  How do I get my plants to grow.  Should I add another dose of
fertilizer mid-week?  Or should I just double it with the water
change.   A bit of hair algae has developed, but I plan on getting some
Amano shrimp this weekend.


Jason Miller
Sherwood Park, AB