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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1318

>"K. Martini" <brnhornt at ix_netcom.com> wrote:
>> My problem is, I had already setup my tank before I joined the list and I 
>> had no idea how important a rich substrate is.  Right now Ive got just 
>> washed aquarium gravel.  
>>  With every water change
>>  I add some LeafZone fertilizer.  Is there any way that I can get some kind
>>  of laterate underneath my gravel without having to uproot the entire tank?
Clay balls(check archives and the krib) can be placed under the gravel.
Jobes sticks can be added also. There are other ideas out there too.

Adding stuff to the substrate isn't necessary in established tanks and
"needing" a rich substrate is not a requirement by any means, for such a
tank. I have sand only in my 90 gallon but it's rich in snail poop and mulm.
My plants get their nutrients from liquid fertilizer(which you'll have much
more control over BTW) and fish population. You can do it both ways is my
point here. It is not a needed thing to do nor one I would wish to do
myself. A rich substrate can be with nothing else but good old mature sand.
Why do you wish to add laterite to the bottom anymway? If things are going
well, don't change things simply because someone wrote or someone's site
No need to do a bunch of work if you don't have to. Laterite works well to
help a tank "get going" but it is not needed later on. I haven't used it in
Tom Barr