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Re: what's wrong ?????? a chemistry question......

Cyberpet <cyberpet at videotron_ca> wrote a week ago about a problem where
he carefully and precisely prepares a solution of known concentration
and then is amazed and puzzled when a "high quality" test kit gives a
result which is different by a factor of 2. Cyber, the fact that this
test kit produced a result within an order of magnitude of the correct
answer means that it is working to some degree. Do not place a high
degree of faith in test kits. You can get way more accuracy by preparing
solutions of known concentration exactly as you have done, using an
inexpensive scale. Anyhow, preciseness is not critical. Most folks can
get by with the accuracy inherent in heaping teaspoon measures. As far
as plants are concerned, they only care about sufficiency of a nutrient,
not its precise concentration. Does that make sense??

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