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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1313

> I have three rosy barbs in my 29G tank, which do a decent job of keeping
> hair algae under control. I'd like a similar fish for my 15G tank, but a
> decent-sized school of rosy barbs would crowd this tank, and I have other
> fish I'd like to include.
> I was wondering if Cherry barbs or Gold barbs would be acceptable
> substitutes for this tank, Cherry in particular since they're the smallest.
> Do these eat much algae? Do they behave like rosy barbs (active but not
> agressive) or like tiger barbs (agressive)? What is a good size school, and
> are the redder ones the males as I suspect?

My cherry barbs are very docile and even kind of timid, preferring to lounge
around the shaded areas. They don't eat very much algae, and they are MUCH
calmer than my boistrous rosy barbs (which nibble on tender leaves, harass
smaller fish and beat up on my ghost shrimp). I have five cherry barbs in a
45G, in which they only shoal occasionally. The male cherry barbs are a
deeper red usually. Though they don't eat much algae, I really enjoy them;
they are interesting, beautiful, well-behaved, long-lived, and also pretty
cheap in my area ($.79 each). They area great for planted tanks and will do
very well with neons and harlequins.

I haven't kept gold barbs.

Dan Dixon