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Re: 175W too much for 30g?

John Stark wrote:

> Does anyone think that a 175Watt MH light is too much for an extra tall 30g
> tank (24x12x24)?

It depends on the plants (not to mention fish) you plan on keeping, as well
as the proximity to the water surface. Stuff like Rotala, Alternanthera
reineckii, Cabomba, Limnophilla aromatica, Myriophyllum tuberculatum --
basically most of your high light plants -- will love the 175 watt MH. Low
light plants like some Anubius and Crypts will probably be unhappy, unless
shaded by the light loving plants. Algae will be in heaven. :D

The 110-watt CF you mentioned might be a better "fit" for a mix of plants
and fish. Still enough for most light-demanding plants, but not so harsh on
low-light ones down at the bottom.

Also, if it's suspended at a distance above the tank, the MH will light the
area surrounding the tank more than the CF hood will. I personally prefer
the "glowing cube" look of a tank with an enclosed light hood because it
doesn't clash with the room lighting as much. Emersed plants coming out of
the water are another story, though.

Either one should work fine, IMO. One good thing about the MH is that it
will be usable on a larger tank if you later bump up.

Dan Dixon