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Re: Dwarf hairgrass

>Hairgrasses (which I have absolutely no luck with) 

I've seen this comment many times. I've heard it from friends too. I seem to
be able to grow it like mad and I'd like to share at least what I can, to
the list about it. The plant is the same one Amano uses (or looks exactly
like which is my main concern). It does fine in lower light and higher
light(2watts/gallon to 6 watts/gallon), FL's MH's PC's, Quartz, etc. It
likes more light and seems to do very well with PC's and FL's lights around
3-5 watts/gallon. Clean water with 30-60% weekly water changes, Kh is 5.5.
Ph has been from 7.1 to 6.6 fish load has been light. Good snail population.
SAE's, Otto's are fine with or without. Slow water movement. 
2-3mm Lapis Lustar gravel. I've added kitty litter with great results(D.
Quackenbush) and also laterite in the past. Old gravel works great. I've
used RFUG filters on the tanks that do the best
and this should be noted. I use PVC pipe and make a grid with holes drilled
in the bottom like a spray bar for the entire bottom surface. These work
much better than plate UG's for planted tanks. Flourite only(no RFUG) test
haven't  been done yet. Seems to be doing fine so far but I haven't tried to
do a good patch in a Flourite only tank. The round 2-3mm sand seems to be to
the plant's liking more than anything. Fertilizer type doesn't matter as
long as it has something along the lines of Kent/Sera/TMG in it. Lighting
duration about 10-12 hours daily.
Temp from 84 to 76 with 78-80F being a great range.
The plant does seem to do extremely well under PC's 6700K and also Quartz
and FL's( a cool white+triton) at about 16" depth or so.
Sinking Riccia can infest the patches of grass and the battle will ensue. I
gave up on trying to remove it (Riccia) all. For those that aren't having a
good time getting their Lilaeopsis  lawn going perhaps they might consider
this plant instead. I believe the effect might be more to your liking than
the Lilaeopsis. Easier to prune IMO too.
Tom Barr