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RE: crypt meltdown


What I have found for the crypts that I have is they will melt under what
I term stress. i.e. if they are adjusted to certain conditions and it's
suddenly altered they will undergo a melting.  I have not tested to
determine what level of 'stress' or the amount of 'stress' it takes as i'm
sure that will varry according to the plant, age, growth history and
current conditions. 

Perhaps the best thing for a melting crypt is to leave it alone and let it
recuperate!  It will respond to the new conditions (as long as they are
reasonable!) and adapt quite well.  You may also want to try and reproduce
as much of the original condions as possible.


>a few days ago i had to move some crypts ( Wendii). And
now they are >mostly melting down .
>What is causing it ? is it a normal reaction when pulled up and moved
>elsewhere ?
>( i am adding CaCl2, K2SO4 and MgSO4 on these days in order to reach the
>good concentrations,
>could it be the cause ? )
>Pierre Tremblay