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re: correction on sublimate


congrats on being 100% right in your correction, and that is very good use of 
sublime.. i stand corrected. however one thing i do not agree with you on is 
your attitude, i did not say that i was 100% sure of my answer. i was merely 
telling the list what i thought the correct term was, in other words i think 
this is the right answer, what does everyone else think? i made my response 
in the few minutes i had before i had to goto work. Telling people that if 
they post something that is even a little bit off base the group will shun 
them makes beginners nervous. if someone posts something that is incorrect, 
by all means correct them, that way everyone knows the proper answer. but 
don't jump down peoples throats and make them feel like an idiot. because 
even you will one day post something that isn't 100% correct, it's human 
nature. that is why i'm glad that any answer i post to this list is proof 
read by a couple hundred people. that way when i'm wrong someone will let me 
know, and i will learn. i'm not trying to start a huge argument here, and if 
anyone wants to flame me for this post please do it in email. that has no 
place here, but i want everyone on this list to know how i feel about this