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Retrofitting an Eclipse system

Bailin Shaw wrote:

> Does anyone know of a good way to retrofit the lighting on the eclipse 
> system?  If not, do I scrap it and start fresh?  (What I'm leaning
> I'd appreciate any help.  The lighting in the tank is putrid although the 
> plants are thriving.  The  higher light requiring plants just tend to rot
> melt.  So I figured that the lighting was pretty poor.  I'm leaning
> two 55 PC's and two 40 watt fluorescents.  What kelvin bulbs would be best

> for the PC and fluorescent bulbs.  This is for a 55 gallon discus tank.
> suggestions?

I can't comment on the Eclipse hood, but two 55w PCs (6700K) are sufficient
for my 50g.  It seems like an additional 80w would be overkill.  BTW, if
you're building your own hood Radio Shack's 3" AC fan removes the heat
nicely and quietly for under $20.

> Also, does anyone know what's in Flourish water additive?  I'd like to
> what else I need to add as far as trace elements go.  I figure chelated 
> iron, but am not sure what else I'd need.  Also, how do you prevent the
> from forming what looks like a sludge or bacterial growth?

Seachem, the maker of Flourish, has an excellent website.  You can find the
precise chemical analysis of just about all of their products.  The
freshwater page is http://www.seachem.com/index_english.html.

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com