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RE: Phosphates

> << 
>  It sounds like you have excess phosphates in your tank, and 
> despite the
>  insistence of your water treatment reps, I suspect your tap 
> water is the
>  source.  Many municipalities (including mine) ADD phosphate 
> to tap water
>  because:  1) it is an effective corrosion inhibitor for 
> metal pipes, and 2)
>  it is also helps prevent the formation of scale.  >>
> Mark, really? I know of localities using Alum (aluminum 
> sulfate) for a few 
> purposes... but phosphates? In what format? That is, as what 
> compounds?

Really.  Check out this this "Water treatment primer" from a civil
engineering class at Virginia Tech:

A good general reference on this topic is:

Tchobanoglous, G. and E. Schroeder.  1985.  Water Quality:  Characteristics,
modeling, modification.  Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, Reading MA.

The form of phoshphorus used is good ole orthophosphate--PO4.  Whether is it
phosphoric acid, or trisodium phosphate depends on what pH they are trying
to maintain and which form they choose to handle and store.