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Feeding plants when no fish...

I'm starting to get my 75g set up.  I've got the substrate added, and
the tank mostly filled, and the lighting is in place.  I've got a
bunch of plants that are outgrowing my 29g tank, so I need to start
moving them over to the new tank.  Since I don't have any fishies in
the tank to provide fertilizer, what should I add to feed the plants?

The tank has 160 watts of lighting, 2 40 watt 10K tubes, and 2 40 watt
triton tubes.    Substrate is natural river gravel, collected locally.

I added a couple MTS to the tank (they happened to be wandering around
on the glass near the top of my 29g tank last time I went down

So, what do I add?  Just my regular aquarium fertilizer?  Or maybe some
kind of decaying plant matter?    I don't have the main filter running
on the tank yet, just a couple airstones to move the water around a