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Live Australian Pine as tank filter? Ahh ...NO!

MoonTanMan wrote:

<<I grow cypress, mangroves and water tupelo's in aquariums in my greenhouse, 
<<they make great natural filters. I am always interested in trees that
grow in 
<<water and would be very interested in "Australian pine" Can you give a
<<name? I would also be interested in seeds and or seedlings. Any info you
<<give would be appreciated.

Stick with your killer mangrove idea. The only good Australian Pine is a
DEAD Australian Pine!!  It is highly salt and salt water tolerant, but
easily caves under surf pressure.  Besides, above the roots its UGLY! It
starts to look very attractive only when dead. Check out my DEAD stumps at
http://www.mindspring.com/~boukmn/Boukmn_s-Homepage.html then, check out
the LIVE trees at http://co.collier.fl.us/natresources/exotics/ap.htm and
you will see why I regared the live trees as a planted pestilence from a
previous penal colony. Regards.

"A-stumpin' in Ft.Lauderdale"
See my (9/21) Driftwood Stumps at