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peace lily

I bought a "peace lily" at an aquarium store last week. It was immersed,
but it's my understanding that it grows best with at least the leaves out
of water. I put it in a 1.5 gallon betta drum bowl, with the leaves
sticking out. All but one of the leaves have now died, & the survivor is
turning a bit yellow, but there is a new leaf growing. However, it's only
had incandescent lighting. I have moved it closer to a window & added some
Flourish to our horrible Bryan, Tx water (pH > 8, dKH > 26, dGH < 1). 

What else can I do to help it out? Any suggestions on how frequently to
change the water in this size container? I have an adult male betta blowing
bubble nests in there, & I've been feeding him baby brine shrimp, daphnia,
& black worms.