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Re: peace lily

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999, Rebecca Allbritton wrote:

> I bought a "peace lily" at an aquarium store last week. It was immersed,
> but it's my understanding that it grows best with at least the leaves out
> of water. I put it in a 1.5 gallon betta drum bowl, with the leaves
> sticking out. All but one of the leaves have now died, & the survivor is
> turning a bit yellow, but there is a new leaf growing. However, it's only
> had incandescent lighting. I have moved it closer to a window & added some
> Flourish to our horrible Bryan, Tx water (pH > 8, dKH > 26, dGH < 1).

If your peace lily is a spathyphylum, then you're treating it right.
The leaves that it has lost were probably damaged by being submersed too
long.  They should soon be replaced by some lush and glossy new leaves.
Mild fertilizing is called for.

With their roots in water and the leaves out, these plants can grow
at monstrous rates.  They also develop a big root system and develop a lot
of offshoots.  They flower every few months.

These plants even do well potted and as long as the soil does't dry too
much they can thrive even in very dry air.  There's a pot full of
spathiphyllum next to me that started out as a submersed one-rooted shoot
that I rescued from the LFS and tranplanted to a paludarium where it
root-bound the whole tank before I cut it up and potted it.  I've given
plants away to everyone I know that has even the vaguest interest, I've
thrown them away and still it keeps on going.

Sortof an "energizer bunny" among plants.

Roger Miller