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Visi-Lux flourescent ballasts

>I bought 3 Visi-Lux electronic ballasts
with end caps 13 months ago, to run 2 x
4' flourescents each.
>2 ballasts have failed during this past
week, and I am told the warranty on them
is one year! I guess
>this is how they make their money.  Has
anyone had a similar experience, and can
anyone recommend
>alternative ballasts that are more
reliable and/or cost less.  (I see
Coralife makes a competitive and
>less expensive product - has anyone had
any experience with this?)

Try this link
x.htm then click on searches and use one
of the search engines to find the type
of ballast you want. You may not find an
elctronic ballast for operating T12
lamps but if you find what you want then
use the competitor comparison search
engine to find out the who else makes
the same type of ballast. I found the
site rather confusing at first but it is
also good for hours of fun. Electronic
ballasts should be good for something
like 20 years so I think that there is
something grossly wrong if it wears out
after 13 months. I think I would stick
with a brand name ballast such as
m/catalog/flbform.asp), GE or Sylvania.
Practically anything not intended for
the aquarium trade should be cheaper
without being necessarily  of lesser

Wayne Jones

Wayne's DIY Aquarium Setup at