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CO2 Diffusers

I received an unhappy Email from someone who couldn't fit the plastic air diffuser into the venturi
hole on their powerhead (to diffuse CO2 in). Sure enough -the "Discard- A-Stone" for sale at my local
fish store is a lot fatter than the skinny ones I have (which I am now hoarding).

Solution:  Put the airstone directly into the outlet of the powerhead (if it the outlet is reasonably
bigger than the airstone diameter).

To do this, attach the CO2 supply hose to a short piece of  4-6" rigid plastic tubing and then to the
stone using the supplied coupling and a short length of flexible air hose.  Use the rigid tubing to
anchor the stone in the outlet.

I bought a 6 pak of the new stones and tried this.  Works like a charm: the strong current breaks up
the glug-glug bubbles into tiny, almost invisible bubbles which are mostly absorbed by the water.

If anyone know the name of the skinny airstones, please Email me.