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RE: Tropica MasterGrow - Dosage


> Having just purchased a bottle of Tropica`s Mastergrow fertiliser, I am
> wondering what dosage, list members who have used the product for a 
> are using ?

The trick seems to be in keeping all nutrients (macro and micro) in 
balance.  This begins with your area's water, and includes and the amount 
of light you're using and whether your tank has CO2.  All of these factor 
are important.

For instance, my 50 gallon with 110w PC fluorescent and CO2 didn't see much 
improvement on 5ml TMG/week, but I had an algae problem at the time, and 
any more than 5ml just fed the algae.  The problem was that I was 
nitrate-limited and there was excess phosphate in the water column.   Once 
I remedied that problem, adding more TMG really helped and plant growth 
increased nicely.  Currently I use 5ml/2x weekly.  I know others who dose 

michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com