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Re: lillaeopsis transplant

The lillaeopsis which I transplanted from
>my silica-sand-and-jobes-sticks tank, where it was stagnant, has taken
>off.  However, it seems to like to travel in straight lines, and I want it
>to clump up.  Also, when I pull up one of the long chains, it's nearly
>impossible to replant because of the billion little plantlets and my big
>clumsy fingers.  Any trimming hints?  How do you all replant this stuff?  
>Is it okay to cut the runners periodically just to keep it in manageable
>chunks?  Any way to make it grow non-linearly?  How do you thin it out?

I can recommend you cut it into segments & use tweezers to plant your
lillaeopsis. Tiny "Rag Shop" (a US craft store) clay pots is the only
attractive way I have been able to force this plant into clumps. The
problem you described is very common & even worse if you are planting
segments of Glossostigma.  Check electronic shops for relatively
inexpensive delicate tweezers.  Human tweezers are problematic because they
are hard to control and you may crush your plants.  I modified a 0.50-cent
pair of human tweezers by whittling down and gluing (goop glue) a pair of
bamboo chopsticks to the ends. This elongated the tweezers business end,
gives a more delicate grasp. 

I saw a set of Dr.'s tools including scissors & tweezers a while back on
e-bay for $7.50 check to see (search) if it was re-listed.

Just remembered, check your dentist! These guys go through packs of tiny
instruments, which they dump. I acquired my latest tools from a pack whose
brand my dentist doesn't use. Small comfort after root canal! :o[

BTW, I swear by that 50lb bag of silica sand! Next time, try using two
layers: Top 1-inch pure silica sand. Bottom layer 60/40/10 ratio silica
sand, potting soil w/ peat moss and PML (poor man's Laterite) red Georgia
dirt. Add 2 handfuls (per 10gal) of 18-6-12 Osmocote, a ground-up pinch of
steel wool and you're all set.  As long as you have it under CO2, it will
grow like it was going out of style! H--l yes; I'm cheap, but it works! :o)

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