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Of Profile/Turface and Lillaeopsis...

Hi all,

I set up a tank with only Profile as substrate about 3 months ago (15g,
40w, powerhead circulation, light fish load, light fert regime, DIY CO2
occasionally).  So far it's been great.  Ludwigia, Lillaeopsis, H.
Difformis, Vals, and (non-dwarf) Sagittaria are all doing well.  The only
plant suffering is a stand of Java Fern, which has small, damaged-looking
growth.  I attribute this to the low level of water column nutrients, esp.
Nitrogen.  Algae's been minimal, with no algae eaters except ramshorn
snails.  If you're growing rooted plants, I recommend Profile (or its
cheaper cousin Turface) very highly.

Which brings me to my question.  The lillaeopsis which I transplanted from
my silica-sand-and-jobes-sticks tank, where it was stagnant, has taken
off.  However, it seems to like to travel in straight lines, and I want it
to clump up.  Also, when I pull up one of the long chains, it's nearly
impossible to replant because of the billion little plantlets and my big
clumsy fingers.  Any trimming hints?  How do you all replant this stuff?  
Is it okay to cut the runners periodically just to keep it in manageable
chunks?  Any way to make it grow non-linearly?  How do you thin it out?

Elliot Williams (ewilliams at ucsd_edu)
San Diego, CA