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Re: Circulation

Al Shoemaker asked...

>I am a chemist with a specialty in ICP-MassSpec trace mineral analysis ... so 
>my wife and I are doing great with water maintenance. Can anyone give 
>suggestions for tank circulation at the substrate level? What is the 
>preferred flow rate?

Swift. The greater the flow at mid-level the better. I don't aim
for substrate level circulation, and try to minimize circulation
at the surface.

>Also, does anyone have any experience with discus in a tank containing algae 
>eaters, Cory cats, etc. Do these species co-habitat or harass the discus?

At the temperatures at which Discus are most happy, most corydorus
catfish, otocinclus, farlowellas, Ameca splendens, and even SAEs
will be stressed. The latter two species will survive at 85 F, but
you will have to watch oxygen levels in the tank. I lost eight SAEs
this summer. Farlowellas can take at least 82 F, and ancistrus seem
pretty tough.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca