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Re: scrubb my plants?

Kenneth Bruno asked...

>I have a huge problem with algae.  From what I read on this list, I
>beleive that it is actually cyanobacteria.( Funny smell and the snails
>won't touch the stuff)  I beleive that I may have a problem with
>phosphates but buying a test kit will have to wait until I can afford it.

Phosphate isn't necessarily your problem. The cyanobacteria are
present because oxygen levels are too low. Oxygen levels are low
because water column circulation is most likely poor and uneven,
and the plants aren't photosysthesizing. This is due to their not
receiving adequate nutrition. What does you water contain? With
present lighting levels it is likely carbon dioxide, potassium,
nitate, and the six micronutrients are in short supply.

I can't see filtration with activated carbon as being helpful.
Get rid of it. Your local water authority will provide you with
an analysis of the tap water. Supplement it. Nobody ever killed
a plant by adding potassium sulphate or epsom salt. Tropica
Master Grow is a preferred fertilizer, or you can check out
PMDD at www.thekrib.com.

>Here are some of my tank parameters :
>  29 gallon, 3 20 Watt bulbs (not sure of type), 2-3 inches of profile
>under 1 inch of gravel, 11 leopard danios (small ones), 1 angelfish and 1
>tiger barb, a small Eheim canister filter with activated carbon
>running continuously.

>I plan to get a good phosphate test kit and possibly some type of filter
>resin to lower the levels.

Don't bother until you contact the local water works.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca