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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1286

I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light, not an 
intended pun, on a strange algae problem I am having. The algae 
only forms on the surface of the water where first the surface starts 
to get green and then gradually gets thicker. After a week I can 
take a cup and skim the surface by letting the water run in to it. 
The algae runs in as a sheet and actually wrinkles as it 
accumulated in the cup. The algae clings to anything stuck into the 
tank. There is no other algae anywhere else except mild film algae 
on the glass after a couple of weeks.

The tanks is as follows:

90 gal 160 watts NO fluorescent
Laterite/peat substrate covered with gravel
Low dose master grow
temp 80 F
heavily planted/lightly populated
CO2 injected
KH 3  GH 4 and pH 6.5-6.7
12 hours of light

I noticed that the problem seemed to start about a year after setup 
when I began cylinder CO2 injection.

Thanks for any input,