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Kasselmann Too!

James Purchase wrote:

<<< This is a discussion list for aquatic plants - the only bible which
should be getting thumped is the Baensch Atlas.

Where is Cynthia?>>>
Amen, brother!  But hey, what about Kasselmann's "Aquarium Plants"?
That's my bible.  And I have it from special sources that it is the only
'true' aquatic gardener's bible! <G>
I laughed all the way through "blue water in a white bucket" and Craig
Bingham's 15 minutes of fame and flameout in our group, but  please, we
have got to stop this.  Really we do.  I have honestly come to believe
in my old age that there are certain subjects which one should not talk
about in mixed company.
Disrespectfully yours, Steve Dixon -- reporting from San Francisco