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Re: CO2 RegulatorProblems

> Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 21:21:06 -0500
> From: erdoz1 <erdoz1 at wt_net>
> Subject: CO2 RegulatorProblems
> I got tired of brewing my CO2, so made the plunge and bought a 10 Lb cylinder and
> a Victor Medalist Light Duty Regulator.  Unfortunately, the flow is very erratic
> because the flow is way below the minimum 4 cfh the rig is designed for. - I am
> either making seltzer water or getting no flow at all.  I had one excursion from
> a Ph of 7.6+ to 6.8 in two hours in my 135 gallon tank before I quit.
> Discontinued injection and the Ph was back at 7.6+ the next morning.

Our 5 lb bottle of CO2 had erratic output when we first bought it too.  It took
several minutes of fiddling with the valve to obtain the right number of bubbles
per second each morning.  Output was fine during the day, but come the next I'd
have to start all over again as CO2 output dwindled overnight.

Since the problem occurred overnight, every night, we suspected the problem to be
one of ambient room temperature.  Being northerners who spend too much on heating
bills already, we let the temp of the house drop to 17 C overnight.  Day temps can
be as high as whatever the outside temp is, sometimes over 30 C in the summer.

My husband thought to solve the problem by adding a more sensative valve.  I
thought that keeping the metal valve at a constant temp would reduce expansion and
contraction and therefore solve our problem.  So, before he could do anything to
solve the problem his way, I bought a 4 watt nitelite and yet another extension
cord and rigged the thing up.  A piece of velcro secures the nitelite directly
beneath the valve and the nitelite is on all day and night.  Geez, it works like a
charm and only cost $6.  We're probably the only ones on our block who's CO2 bottle
has its own nitelite, too.
Beverly Wladyka
Edmonton AB Canada