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Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!?!!

> Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 12:01:04 PST
> From: Dan Drake <dd at dandrake_com>
> Subject: Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!??!!
> > From: Chuck Gadd <cgadd at cfxc_com>
> > Subject: Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!??!!
> >
> >...
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> > I just recently began to grasp the need for seperate daily and weekly
> > fertilizers.  If I understand it correctly, iron won't remain in the
> > water column for more than a day or two, so it needs to be added more
> > frequently, a little each day instead of once weekly...
> Not necessarily, and it may depend on the form of iron that's added.  I'm
> currently trying an experiment on this very question, on which I hope to
> be able to report in a couple of weeks.

I have a thought I would like to put on the table for consideration. By no
means am I a chemist, so please bear with me.

Would it be at all possible for iron to precipitate out of the water column
and into a porous substrate? If one were using Fluorite, Profile, Turface,
Kitty Litter or any other porous type substrate, would the iron in solution
become absorbed into this substrate and render the iron undetectable by a
test kit?

Tom Bates
Allentown, PA

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