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Re: Stand & Canopy Finish

On Sat, 11 Sep 1999, James Purchase wrote:

> While in Home Depot this afternoon, I spent some time reading the fine print
> on several cans of polyurethanes. My earlier comments against the use of
> water based finishes on aquarium hoods and stands may need to be adjusted -
> I did say that finishing technology was rapidly changing. One brand - Flecto
> Varathane Elite Diamond Outdoor Finish is a water based coating which
> _claims_ to last twice as long as an oil based finish (i.e. a spar varnish).
> It also claims superior UV resistance. Being water based, it would cause a
> lot less smell during application and it also dries faster. Don't know if I
> believe all of the claims, but the label does dicuss the fact that a lot of
> chemical engineering went into the formulation. YMMV.

This is an EXCELLENT finish for tank stands or canopies.  Extremely water
resistant, very little smell, easy clean-up.  The only downside is that
for "wood purists" it tends to look like the stand has been dipped in
plastic.  I've used this for nearly all my aquarium cabinetry.

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com