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Re: Reefs/Kansas

Oh My Gosh! I hope you folks don't think that I was agreeing with this
Kansas decision! I only meant to point out that misinformation is not the
way to fight stupidity. We have to be more credible than the creationists.
Something that's not ordinarily difficult but if you don't get your facts
correct you haven't got a hope.

eg. there's people saying that they've outlawed teaching evolution or
require teaching creationism alongside evolution. Although that may be what
the creationists really want, that's not what was sought nor what was


>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 20:14:49 +0000 (GMT)
>From: Gerry Skau <gerry at ans_net>

>We are getting WAY off topic here, but I've seen evolution. Just dose a
>tank with a weak antibiotic and see how long it takes for the bacteria to
>evolve and become resistant to it. That happened in one of mine a few
>years ago, the cyber algae became resistant to kanamycin because I used it

>Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 17:08:57 -0400
>From: "Peter G. Aitken" <peter at pgacon_com>

>> Evolution always has been, 'only a theory', hasn't it? Isn't that the
>> grounds that the creationists used to have it removed? They claim that we
>> shouldn't be teaching a theory as if it's a fact.

>A lot of problems come from the general public misunderstanding what
>scientists mean by "a theory." It does not mean a guess, or a conjecture,
>one possible explanation among many. It means the best possible explanation
>based on all the available evidence. Therefore we have the "theory of
>evolution" as well as the "theory of gravity."