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Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!??!!

> I need to start using a good all around liquid fertilizer
> that adds iron as well as other necessary things for my
> fresh water tanks. What, in your collective opinion, is the
> best product and/or brand? I see Seachem mentioned a good
> deal, but they have a number a different products. Which
> would best suit my needs? How about the product by Tetra
> (the name escapes me at the moment)? I've heard good things
> about that as well.

I just recently began to grasp the need for seperate daily and weekly
fertilizers.  If I understand it correctly, iron won't remain in the
water column for more than a day or two, so it needs to be added more
frequently, a little each day instead of once weekly.   I've seen this
in effect when adding fertilizers that contain iron to my tank, I get
hair algae growing for the first day or two, then it disappears until
I add the fertilizer again.