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Re: What is the best liquid fertilizer !!??!!

Chuck Gadd writes:

> I just recently began to grasp the need for seperate daily and weekly
>  fertilizers.  If I understand it correctly, iron won't remain in the
>  water column for more than a day or two, so it needs to be added more
>  frequently, a little each day instead of once weekly.   I've seen this
>  in effect when adding fertilizers that contain iron to my tank, I get
>  hair algae growing for the first day or two, then it disappears until
>  I add the fertilizer again.

I can accept that your iron is getting used up, but not that it won't stay in 
the water column.  Iron is one of the few things that comes in my tap water, 
the others being Ca, Mg, Na, CO3, silicate, and chloride.  It's pretty pure 
stuff.  The Fe comes in at 0.6ppm.  If I leave the water in a bucket for a 
week, or sitting in an empty tank for a week, the Fe is still at 0.6ppm.  
Sounds to me like you have a consumption rate pretty close to your dosing 

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator