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Re: Rooty plant stems

>Date: Tue, 7 Sep 1999 17:13:05 -0700
>From: Robert H <robertph at best_com>
>Ray wrote:
>I do not know whether there is a problem or it is just my preference. The
>problem to me is that my Hygrophilia & Ludwigia are sprouting roots all the
>way up there stems. I really do not like the look. Is there possiblity
>(probably) something that I am doing wrong. Please give me suggestions on
>what to do to get this unsightly condition under control. Any thoughts on
>what is should check?<<
>I think this is pretty common on many stem plants. When I have added some
>extra fertilizer in the substrate around the plants, this has diminished
>the visible roots somewhat, and if the lower stems arent too crowded
>together or too shaded, I retain more of the lower leaves, but I have never
>been able to totally get rid of the hanging roots...

I guess you could just pinch them off. I never really though it looked bad.
I agree that substrate fertilizer will help reduce this.