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Re: Substrate for fish room

> Has anyone figured out a way to insulate basement floors and still put
> tanks on it?

	In the UK it's common to float ground/basement floor concrete on
	2 inches of polystyrene sheet. Construction goes, 4-6 inches hardcore
	(that's broken and compact rock chips, not something in a binaries
	newsgroup), 2 inch poly sheet, 4 inch concrete slab, finished
	with 2 inch screed (fine sand/cement mix).

	You could probably lay poly and a new floor slab if you *realy*
	wanted to spend some, well you did ask :)

	Timber sounds best but not that laminated stuff. 
	Layers of wood held by glue + water = lumpy floor.

	What about sealed cork ? Warm, surprisingly hard wearing, 
	looks great covered by large woven rope rug. Cheap and natural.


	Tony (been watching too much 'house makeover' TV).