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CaCO3 sources

Has anyone used oyster shell as a source of CaCO3?  If so, where does one
find it?
I recently brought home a dozen shells from a party, scrubbed them, boiled
them and crushed them with a ball-peen hammer.  The resulting crumbs are
blue, black, brown and white, and smell like hell - I'm reluctant to put
that mess into my aquarium. <g>

Alternatively, I've read here that dolomite chips contains Ca and Mg, making
it a good candidate for GH adjustment - where does one look for such an

Lastly, Aragonite, which is stocked by marine LFS, contains CaCO3.  Has
anyone used this material in their freshwater planted aquarium?  It contains
metals such as Selenium that are of use in reef tanks, but I have no idea
what they'll do to a freshwater planted tank.

michael rubin 
michael at rubinworld_com