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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1251 HAIR ALGAE

Whew, so many chemicals. Doesn't anyone have a relatively simple method for 
removing Hair Algae from tanks? I'd really not resort to chemicals, if 
posssible, but this stuff has gotta go. Any suggestions?

Greetings from Paul Willis
hal_9k at pacbell_net

> Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 18:20:03 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Ed Street <br at ldl_net>
> Subject: Re: notes on hair algae
> >Perhaps under the conditions you measured the hair algae are dying off.
> >If not, then...
> Perhaps so.  Last time I was there the hair algae did seem bigger. Also 
> not sure if or how much they have been cleaning it by hand.  They will
> pull out a 2' section pick the snails and good plants off of it and toss
> the algae then move on.  Seriously tho this pond is loaded with sheets
> upon sheets of this stuff.
> >If the ammonia and nitrate were actually zero (and probably nitrite zero
> >as well) then growth of floating algae would be impossible.  Some form 
> >dissolved fixed nitrogen is necessary.  Perhaps the low nitrogen content
> >is a temporary condition, or the low point in a daily cycle?
> Have not thought about a daily cycle of some form.  This is about 1pm
> (hotest and brightest time of the day is about 2pm btw)  Also am 
> if it's possible for hair algae to fix nitrogen?
> >Even with iron levels somewhere below 50 ppb the dissolved iron levels
> >are only likely to limit algae growth if the phosphate concentration is
> >high.  If phosphates aren't high then the phosphates should be growth
> >limiting.
> Perhaps phosphates are high (one of the reasons why iron is very very low
> since phosphates bonds with iron)  but then again am not really positive
> of the effects of phosphates on algaes.  I have been reading about redox
> potential and algae growth lately tho.  (again phosphates are another,
> like potassium, that's lacking in information on)
> >It seems to me that the association between hair algae and iron might be
> >unique to the PMDD regime where it is often reported but it's difficult
> >for me to explain even in that context.  My worst hair algae problems
> >have come in tanks that were never dosed with iron.  I've even seen some
> >varieties of hair algae growing in tanks were rooted plants were showing
> >symptoms of iron deficiency.
> My original point was I now do not believe that iron has an effect on 
> algae, at least this strain that is, and quite possible nitrogen? however
> if this is the case then there IS something that dictates it's growth and
> it would be very helpfull to find that nutrient.
> Ed
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