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Re: Worms

Steve writes:

> I just lost (or had to get rid off ) one of my Cherry Barbs, she was
>  swimming close to the bottom of the tank, when I look closely she had these
>  tiny red worms sticking out of her belly area.  I tried searching the web
>  for info on how to treat this, but all I came up with is some type of
>  medicine for farm animals, that some people use to treat their tanks.  I
>  just wanted to know if anyone out there know what this fish was infected
>  with and if I should treat the rest of the tank, if I should treat the rest
>  of the tank what  medicine should I use, hopefully something that will be
>  safe with plants.

The treatment is Lavamisole, a sheep de-wormer. Grind it up and use it like 
the internet sites are recommending.  I think the parasite is calleed 

Bob Dixon