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Funny green stuff and brain fart and stores

I found some strange stuff on the surface of my water.  I have never seen
it before.   It looks like it forms a VERY thin layer and it is dry looking
(like green talcum or ????).   If you immerse a glass in the water so the
rim just skims the surface and water pours into the glass over the rim, you
can concentrate the stuff quite a bit.   When examined under the
microscope, the stuff looks like a lot of 4um spheres, tending somewhat to
clump together, and with the structure of a higher plant cell.   Obviously
not a flowering plant, but a plant none the less.   There is a very large
central vacuole occupying 95% of the volume of the cell, with a thickish
cell wall and the cytoplasm and its contents in a little globule off to the
side.  My scope plus my knowledge is not good enough to resolve structures
in the cytoplasm, but there are some obvious bodies in there.   Question:
What is this stuff?????

When I announced the availability of KNO3 and K2SO4, I stupidly overlooked
the point that the PO charges postage by the POUND.   What a concept!   So
I priced my packages by the pound.  So if you order 2#, I pay 3# of
postage.   At a dollar a pound, it is dumb for me to pay $1 to send you
that last ounce.   Henceforth, the two sizes will be 14 oz. for $5 and 30
oz. for $7.  Orders received up to now will be filled on the old terms.    

On an only slightly related subject, I am trying to build a list of stores
that carry at least a GOOD selection of aquarium plants and related
products.  I need name, address and phone.  Please send your favorites to
me and I will publish the list to the contributors.  If you have no good
ones locally, if you have dealt with one of the national plant vendors and
would recommend them, please tell me that too.   I especially need New
England, the South, LA, Seattle.   Many thanks.
Dave Gomberg, San Francisco            mailto:gomberg at wcf_com
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