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Re: KH and Ammonia

Wright Huntley writes:

> "Amquel" is readily available from the mail order fish stores. If your lfs
>  doesn't carry it, suspect their judgement in other areas, too. ;-)

It may not be the falt of the LFS.  All the local shops here in Boise get 
their supplies from one of three whoelsalers in Salt Lake City.  The only 
brands of aquarium bulbs they can carry are Corallife, because that's all the 
wholesalers carry.  We can't get Oceanic tanks.  Not available from the 
distributors in the area.  Same with Amquel, products by Sera, and a couple 
of other big brand names.  NO Jungle sponge filters.  I can't even buy a 
brine shrimp net locally effective about two months ago.  The only place to 
get Tetra "billi" filters is Petsmart, and they just sold out the last of 
their stock on close-out.  Go figure.

But then the LFS refuses to carry FAMA because they allow mail-order houses 
to advertise, which cuts into their sales.  Huh?

Bob Dixon