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Re: Well Water

> Ray,
> I normally advise those with well water to look for other alternative
> water sources. Well water often contains high levels of metals 
> (Iron, Copper, Silver) and other contaminants due to seasonal 
> changes and runoffs which are difficult to control and are constantly
> changing in water chemistry.
	I lived in a house with well water and noticed some things.  I could
never get my algae to back down.  It wasn't dying off despite attempts to
cut feeding, proper dosing of PMDD, water changes, light limiting, etc.
After buying a test kit I found out that my water contained a high level of
phosphates.  Talk about frustration.

	As far as metals being present, I never noticed anything odd
occurring that I would attribute to anything other than my own ineptitude.
It was nice to not have to add de-chlorinator when doing a water change.
The water conditions changed little over the few months that I lived there,
at least not enough for me or the tank to notice.

	The well water also contained a high amount of CO2, it gave the
non-injected tank a nice growth boost for a few hours (the plants started
pearling for a little while).  Watch for pH swings because of it.