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Amazon and water too pure

At 03:48 AM 8/24/1999 -0400,  Ed Street suggested:
> By the unique act of collection we are individually doing no
>harm but as a society we as a whole are doing a tremendous amount of
>damage.  Sadly noted that the biggest reason for this destruction is
>monetary value one can obtain.  Was told that cleared land in the amazon
>region was kinda cheap, uncleared land was about 5X the value.

I know NO organism (NONE, ZERO, NADA, DI NULLA) whose extinction or
threatened status was significantly  hastened by hobbyist collection.
Collection for sport (passenger pigeon), food (some island birds and
turtles), beauty (some birds for feathers), yes.   Hobbyist, no.   Can
anyone think of ONE example?   The only hobbyist collecting extensively
decried today is orchids and hobbyist collecting is their only chance for
survival if the forest folks keep tearing up the forest.

>From: Hyrb <Hyrb at Carolina_net>    >Subject: Water testing
> my water comes out of the ground at a ph of 5.8 and 1 degree of hardness
>for both gh/kh (tetra test kit).  My tank right now is stable at a ph of
>5 but I have to do weekly 20% water changes to maintain that!
>I know I need some buffering in there, but am unsure what to add. 

I would start with an oyster shell.   Go find a restaurant that throws them
out and clean and rinse it very very carefully, then throw it in your tank
(actually it is ok to lower it in gently).  If your GH gets too high take
it out.   I would aim for a GH of 2-3.
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