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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1232

At 03:48 AM 8/24/1999 -0400, James Purchase wrote:
>Does anyone have any suggestions? Are there ANY courier companies which will
>ship "live animals" from the U.S. to Canada? 

I believe FedEx will take them if they are marked "FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".
 The reason is that they don't want to kill your pet Fido and get slapped
with a million dollar lawsuit.   Something like a lobster worth US$20/# is
fine with them.

>Is there any way to get the
>U.S. Postal Service to realize the fact that Canada is a HUGE country and
>that Vancouver, while it is only three hours by air from California, is over
>a thousand miles from Toronto? Can a shipper request/direct the U.S. Postal
>service to send the package to a border entry point that is closer to the
>delivery point, rather than the one closest to the point of origin?

No and no.  This brings up an interesting story.  When my father was a
child, he wrote to an uncle who had moved to Australia (probably for some
terrible sin, like speaking back to his parents, strict Prussian family
don't'cha know).  Because the postal service routed all foreign mail via
London, it would take forever.   So he had to mark his letters  VIA FRISCO.
 That began his lifelong fascination with this magic place called FRISCO,
and when he relocated from Chicago during the depression, he naturally went
to FRISCO.   Which is why I was lucky enough to be born here.

> Would
>shipping in larger bags (with more water per fish) help the fish survive a
>four day stay in the box?

Yes, definitely.  And add a little Amquel to the water and ship during
moderate weather and mark KEEP AT ROOM TEMPERATURE and NO DECK LOAD.   They
should do fine.

On an only slightly subject, I am trying to build a list of stores that
carry at least a GOOD selection of aquarium plants and related products.  I
need name, address and phone.  Please send your favorites to me and I will
publish the list to the contributors.  If you have no good ones locally, if
you have dealt with one of the national plant vendors and would recommend
them, please tell me that too.