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recent trip to lake eufaula, AL


Today I went to lake eufaula, AL in search of alligators. We just found a
few tracks, HUGE tracks at that.  I took some water samples and this is
the results.  pH 7.2, alkalinity 2, GH 4, nitrates 5ppm, iron 0.5ppm,
copper 0 ppm, ammonia 0.1 ppm.  From observation I noted there was a
distinct abscence of any aquatic plants, there was some vines that was
growing into the water in places, most notable was the massive algae
growth growing close to shore mostly on rocks.  We spotted 2 HUGE deer, a
lot of fish that was jumping out of the water (presumingly an alligator
was eating?) alot of birds.  there was something that resembled egeria
densa (common water weed) but it was chocked with green/brown fuzz/hair
looking algae that made it very hard to identify.  Dredging thru the
nelumbo lutea (american lotus) was a pain as the leafs was huge we
couldn't see much and it was noisy (after all we was looking for
alligators so I could photograph them)  Also on the edges of the 'lilly
forest' was marked with some of the biggest pads i've ever seen, they
resembled nuphar luteum (spatterdock, cow lilly) some of the pads I could
easily sit on and still have enough room around me. Almost all of the
lilly/lotus was in blood and slightly fragrent.

Next to the lilly/lotus forest was some alligator tracks that was almost
as big as my tracks (I wear a size 10 shoe) and the tail marks was close
to 5-6" wide.  There was several smaller tracks close by that wasn't as

Next trip I will be getting more into the grasslands and looking for
tracks, markings and the like.  With luck I'll be able to spot this
elusive repitle and get some very good photo's.