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Re: Aluminum sulphate

Jag writes:

> Aluminum Sulfate is used to lower the pH for garden plants as Azaleas, also 
>  for any acid loving plants. This is sold in powdered forms in stores. Can 
>  use this to lower the pH in fish tanks ?  will this lower the pH ? and 
>  it be stable ?

I'm not a chemist, but I can't see how adding something that has no reactive 
capacity to promote a swing in the hydrion/hydroxide equilibrium would affect 
pH.  However, I _can_ see how aluminum dissolved in the water would probably 
be bad for the fish, if indeed this compound is even soluble.

There are a number of other things that will reduce pH economically, and that 
are known to be safe.  Among them are sulphuric acid (available as "dry acid" 
at swimming pool places) and hydrocloric acid (available as "muriatic acid at 
hardware stores).  Diluting these commercial products is advised before using 
in aquaria to facilitate dosing control.

Bob Dixon